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A modern approach to design with so much capability, you have to see it to believe it.

Torino-based practice, recognized for its dedication to contemporary architecture and design. With extensive experience working with residential, institutional and commercial clients, ProSoluzioni has a reputation for delivering high quality design outcomes, permits for projects of all types and sizes.

Versatile Design, easily adapted into any taste or style

Start with one of our unique designs or create with our help and undivided attention a custom sketch that will be transformed into a work of art, functionality and aesthetic values to suit your wishes. Our extended experience in design, building or documentation process (permits) will make your dream a reality in a fraction of the time. All it takes is a quick call.

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Permits process, approvals, urbanism records, protection works etc.

All the above and more are part of our day by day activities. Our knowledge base and extended network in this field will help obtaining any permits needed for your dream build to become a reality. Being either a residential, commercial or any industrial application, we will persevere until the handover and your satisfaction as a client. We will use any means until we achieve everything we propose.

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Custom designs for any residential, commercial or industrial applications. From homes to restaurants or hotels to factories, ProSoluzioni will assist in any type of design.
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All documentation ready in a fraction of the time including permits, approvals, extension of building permit, bank evaluation etc.
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Reliable, young, energetic, extremely qualified, perseverant. Few words to describe our team of sub-contractors including concreters, brick layers, electricians, plumbers, plasterers etc.
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Recreate the environment we live in, remove and replace dead space with fully functional areas, finding new attributes that will improve our daily routine.

Let’s merge the Space, Design and Technology. Now let’s implement it into our environment. We obtain more security, entertainment, rest and play time. More quality time. Use your electronic devices to control all physical applications around your house, office or factory. Example, warm up your house before arriving, open garage door when 1 minute away, record a tv show while turning the garden sprinkles on while away etc.

Eco friendly designs, implementation of nature friendly materials, less energy hungry spaces, sustainable energy with minimal or no harm upon ecosystem. All these are part of our mission, to Create, Advance and Preserve.

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